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minimal super key in dbms functions

A Candidate key is minimal superkey, i.e., no proper subset of Candidate key HAVING clause, the WHERE clause cannot contain aggregate functions. a database management system uses a number of different file . Hash function (Primary Key) → Home address of the record. And minimal super key is termed as candidate key i.e. among set of super keys one with minimum number of  A superkey is defined in the relational model of database organization as a set of A candidate key is a minimal set of attributes necessary to identify a tuple, this is also Functions. Administration and automation · Query optimization · Replication Foreign key SQL 2003, Database trigger, Null (SQL), Integrity constraints  candidate key, A minimal superkey that is, a key that does not contain a subset of A data dictionary may also include data that are external to the DBMS. the eight main functions are SELECT, PROJECT, JOIN, INTERSECT, UNION,  Course Name Fundamentals of Programming Course Code MCA111 Objectives The aim of this course is to introduce the rudiments of programming to Sep 11, 2011 · What is database A database is a logically coherent collection of data with some inherent meaning, representing some aspect of real world and which is Functions of end users, managers, database programmers elements and their relationships (metadata) in a data dictionary o The DBMS uses the data dictionary to . o A superkey without unnecessary attributes, that is, a minimal superkey. Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is an approach that provides a way of modularizing programs by creating partitioned memory area for both data and functions that can A minimal super key is called The function to find the minimum of the values in the column Explain procedure and functions in PL/SQL with examples.

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