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google maps pacman view

Google may have just pulled off an early April Fool s Day prank. Currently on Google Maps, users have the option to play a classic game of Pac-Man on any street or area. In the picture above, Pacman is doing his thing across PC Gamer UK s To play, go to Google Maps, find a place that exists in the world and  Google Maps just added a feature that allows users to play Pac-Man in pretty much any city in the world. See for yourself � just open Google  Googe Maps goes retro, offering up a rare chance to play Pac-Man right on Google Maps. Some say it s Google s annual April Fools prank. View more articles from Hannah Francis · Follow Hannah on Google turned its Google Maps app into a PAC-MAN game for April Fools Day. Discover Pacman Google Maps with Free Online Maps Two of the most exciting developments in modern technology have come together to make your Tuesday endlessly better (and way, way less productive). Pac-Man and Google Mar 31, 2015 · Just let your boss know now that office productivity is about to drop. Google Maps now allows you to turn most neighborhoods into a Pac-Man game board. Pacman on Google Maps. Playing PAC-MAN on the streets of Anstruther with Google Maps. I really enjoyed Google Maps April Fool s addition  WASHINGTON — Tomorrow we may find that this is an elaborate Google Maps has released a PAC-Man option for its popular map service. It s a surreal feeling to see an aerial version of your stomping grounds on Google Maps. More perplexing, but just as undeniably awesome is  Google Maps easter egg Pac-Man Pacman Google. Fans of Pac-Man will find that while the levels are far from the usual organized mazes 

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