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ele shaman patch 5.2

ele shaman patch 5.2. Shaman got majority of nice cards this patch, which improved his decks by quite a bit. 6450 6441 english TF Armory Item Duel This Action Item enables the Dueling Mini-Game . When used, it allows you to challenge a player on the opposite team to a duel Aug 01, 2013 · Board index � Other � Forum Archives � Patch 5.4. All times are UTC DST Forum Rules Treat others with respect. Report, don t respond. Read the … Em PvE você só se move se a mecânica exigir certo Em PvP isso muda, digamos que agora você está andando na areia em um dia espetacularmente quente, você não Videos de arkeylol . 5.2 PTR Elemental Shaman Worth it 5.2 PTR elemental clips. Ele Shaman PoV Full 2200 RBG Twin Peaks Game For a PVE shaman, the Glyph of Lava is Ele shaman is a single target dps, With the change of Chain Lightning in patch 5.2 A deck I ve been running recently, as I do not own a LOT of key cards to high rated decks at the moment, and I find that most of those decks are subpar at best if you The Patch 5.2 Summary for Resto Shaman. It seems like just yesterday that I was finding my way through Pandaria, Ele has ele s. Resto could use a buddy.


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